Prayer form

By : Mariel

Please pray for my boyfriend Gaetano. He is currently in jail and I just want him to make good choices and learn to live a life with God. Please pray for me to have the courage and strength to walk through these hard times by his side.

By : Ted

I got in trouble with the law before I was saved and accepted Jesus. I know I'm a sinner, but I'm not the same person I was before. In a few hours, I'll find out if my lawyer was able to get a plea offer for me, otherwise I will have to go to prison. I got into trouble because I felt alone and didn't have faith to guide me. Now I know how much the Lord loves me, and my family and friends have shown me they love me too. Please pray for me. Lord, have mercy on me and don't take me from my family and friends! Amen

By : kathy thomas

that my cousins, mike and dave, will come to faith in Jesus Christ and all their family....we are traveling to Phoenix to be with them for my uncle's memorial and I pray the Holy Spirit convict them and use Ned and I to minister to them...thank-you always!

By : Stephanie

Please pray for my daughter who is with child and her boyfriend. They are both fighting heroin. Thank you

By : vm

Please pray for my husband that God will bless him today, give him strength, courage and joy.He is in training for this month and at the same time having a new medication for PTSD so he is having a lot of stress and the effect of transition of the new medicine.Please pray that God will take care of him and give him the grace for the stress he's having .Yesterday he is not doing good mentally and physically so he asked for prayers.Please pray for TM.Thank you and God bless you.

By : Williams Family

Dear Heavenly Father God: You ALONE know quite well the specific details of THIS/my earnest intercessory prayer request: Please grant my son an additional extension or an exceptional transfer. (Personally Almighty God, I would truly and humbly prefer an extraordinary cancellation).THANK YOU! for Jesus Christ Holy Name sake. Prayer warrior saints: Please pray - thank you - with me too. By faith, I Thank YOU Almighty God in Christ Jesus, in advance, once again, for YOUR Grace, Goodness and Mercy, for the as yet to me, yet to see, and yet to be, favorable outcome in this situation. Heavenly Father God: THY WILL be done , on behalf of my prodigal son. Amen. Lamentations 3:22-23: It is of the Lord's MERCIES that we are not consumed, because HIS COMPASSIONS fail not.They are new every morning: GREAT is THY faithfulness.

By : Reyna

Please pray for Maggie, she was in excruciating pain and collapsed last night, after that she could not remember anything. Pray that the doctors will find the problem and provide the treatment she needs and that her health is restored. Most of all, pray that she draws closer to Jesus; that He utilizes this trial to speak to her heart and the heart of his children, that they may get saved!

By : Bruce

My son hasn't spoken to me in a year and a half. He is bitter about his mom and I being divorced. When his mom left us, he wanted to be with me and had a tough time dealing with it, but when I started another relationship, his view changed and decided to live with his mom. e then began to blame me. While his relationship with God has begun to grow recently, the bitterness remains. Please pray for God to soften both our hearts and for reconciliation. Thank you.

By : ver

Please pray for my husband to be strengthen by God and to be protected from the evil one.He is starting a new job as an agent in training and he is experiencing bad things from the talk in the lesson because of the world system. please pray that he can pass through this time by the grace of God.thank you for your prayers

By : Luz

I have missed a lot work since our kids have been sick (3 of 5) for almost 2 weeks. we will be late on mortgage and have to play "catch up" for a while. Please pray for peace, trust and financial blessings. Thank you.

By : Reyna

Please pray for Mr. Enrique Martinez who was taken this morning to the hospital with a bad case of flu. He is in his late 80's. Pray that God would heal his body, but most of all that he reaches out to God and God reveals Himself to Mr. Martinez so he can know Him. Also pray for my friend Mary who is depressed a lot and God has opened the door for me to share with her, that's why she's asking for prayer for Mr. Martinez (her neighbor). Pray that she also receives Jesus in her heart and learns to trust Him. Thank you all, God bless you!

By : Reyna

Thank you so much to the 25 people who prayed for Maricruz!! God Bless you always! Maricruz' surgery went miraculously well!!!! Thank you, thank you!!! Please keep her in your prayers, her mom text me and said she was leaving the rehabililitation home on February 4th. To please pray that God has mercy on her soul and that Maricruz takes his hand and never lets go. Also pray for my my friend (Maricruz mom) for a job, she was laid off about 2 months ago and is still unemployed :( GOD BLESS YOU MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS! We'll meet in heaven! In HIM!!!!

By : tm

Please pray for God's wisdom to choose the right company for me to work.I have three choices may God lead me to the right one.

By : Sony

pls pray for me. my financial problems are becomming worse by the day. the expenses are mounting and there is no inflow of money. all the doors are shut. pls pray that our lord opens some door for finances to come in. pls pls pray for financial blessings on our family. its becomming very difficult day by day.

By : Luz

I covent your prayers for my husband to have reconcilation with his children from his previous marriage. There are 5 children, ages 12 years-21 years.

By : VM

Please pray for us as we seek His will for our lives. My husband is asking prayers that the Lord will show us clear message where to live and when to go to live there. My husband wants to live in Texas because he loves the sunny weather there but right now he is just starting for a training for a new career as an insurance agent he’s not really into it but that’s the only available job right now for him. His heart wants to serve God through evangelism but he needs to work for a living. He has lots of struggles in his heart. Please pray that the Lord will clearly show to him what to do. Thank you and God bless you.

By : TM

I ask for your prayers as I take the last two of my state insurance licensing exams today at 12:30pm and 2:45 pm. Please pray that He may give me diligence, perseverance, and wisdom, His grace and power to pass the test . May God's will be done and Him glorified in the outcome, whatever it may be. God bless you!

By : Reyna

Please pray for my friend and her husband…Since this is a bad situation because Maricruz (their daughter) has been addicted to drugs and living in the streets, I’m not releasing my friend’s name but He knows her very well… she and her husband know the Lord! This is what she said: “Hola Reyna Just want to let you know that my daughter Maricruz is having open heart surgery tomorrow morning. Please have her in your prayers. She got sick again with the same infection on her heart, so now they have to open her up before the infection attaches to her other organs. I know she brought this upon herself, she is still my daughter and as much that I hate what she has done to herself, I have to be there for her…” Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need. Hebrews 4:16

By : TM

I ask your prayers for today and tomorrow as I prepare to take the first two of my state insurance licensing exams. May God's will be done and Him glorified in the outcome, whatever it may be, and in the meanwhile, that He may give me diligence, perseverance, and wisdom, by His grace and power, that I may work to prepare as unto the Lord. And very importantly, that I may rest tonight, in Him.

By : Broken

Pray for my family and marriage. It's in crisis..... My wife wants a divorce and doesn't want to do anything to restore it. She says it's over. I've prayed for months, fasted several times - for days at a time, cried out to him, studied what I can do better at home, read the bible for answers, etc... everything I can think of. How could God think this is the answer? Does he hear me. I'm completly broken and in mental pain. I don't know what to do. Please please pray. I pray and it's only getting worse. Pray that I can know what to do. Pray that my wife's heart can be softened. Pray that my faith doesn't fail me.... Does GOd hear me! can he hear me. does he care... i believed he does, i want to keep believing but losing faith. I know everything works for Good.. How can this be good. How!? how... Pray that I know he hears me. Dear God, please hear me!

By : Christy

Please heal my daughter Anna and release her from her awful abdominal pain. Let her resume a healthy life.