• You’re Thankful for a Frog?

    Blessings Frog

    Do you like frogs? I never did. When I was younger and held a few in my hands they felt slimy and slithery. Although my husband Ned says they make for great eating I only tried them once and no thank-you..I would rather eat liver. But I love this frog…

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  • What Did You Say?


    I talk a lot. God has used it for His glory and I love to share with folks on the radio, encourage people I meet who need someone to listen to. But talking has its downsides too. In grade school I was constantly getting in trouble for talking. In 5th…

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  • Freedom


    As I was sitting at my computer the other morning wondering what to blog about, suddenly the word “freedom” popped into my head. There’s been a lot of it in the news lately… Scotland asking for freedom from England and then voting it down. Christians and Muslims alike wanting freedom…

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  • The Master’s Hand


    This painting was created by my husband Ned on his iPad. He loves creating these pictures with his crafty stylus and the more he works at it the better he gets. I am sitting at the kitchen table at our daughter Jennifer's home in Michigan while she is baking a…

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  • The Feast

    Woman holding fish platter

    I love to feast with family, and even though I am not a great cook, I can always contribute something. My husband Ned is the chef in our family, although our children and grandchildren can whip up some incredible meals, like my daughter-in-law Jenell, seen here holding a platter of good…

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  • Child-Like


    I love to watch the young and old interact.  There is nothing more precious than seeing the connection of an elderly person laughing it up with young children.  We are in Michigan visiting our family.  We were enjoying the reception at our grandson's wedding when one of our grandsons, Hayden,…

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  • Why Do Fridays Matter?

    Why do fridays matter

    I’m remembering a special birthday party our daughter Kim and I put on for her dad and my wonderful husband Ned. Old friends stopped by, ate, swapped stories, laughed and just enjoyed each other. Some girlfriends and I hammed it up and took a picture like we were a dancing line,…

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  • My Favorite SM

    Susan Dooley

    She was a woman bent over from years of living.  Her white hair framed a round face; twinkling sharp eyes looked deep within when she spoke to you.  When she would pray often she would cry as she would hold your hand and cry out to the Lord she loved…

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  • Open the Eyes of My Heart

    Christopher Duffley

    What a week this has been!  This morning I watched a video of Christopher Duffley, a young boy who is blind and autistic sang “Open the Eyes of My Heart Lord.”  The huge audience went wild…this wee boy, with all his limitations, outdid everyone in their singing and praising…his actions,…

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  • Arms Made of Yarn

    woman knitting

    Whenever I read the story about the sheep and the goats in Matthew 25, I always whisper a prayer that I will be a wooly sheep and not a disgruntled goat.  Sometimes people read this and then they scamper away spending their lives trying to earn their way to heaven…

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