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  • You’re Thankful for a Frog?

     By  Posted on November 18, 2014

    Do you like frogs? I never did. When I was younger and held a few in my hands they felt slimy and slithery. Although my husband Ned says they make for great eating I only tried them once and no thank-you..I would rather eat liver. But I love this frog you see in the photo […]

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  • What are you Thankful for?

     By  Posted on November 12, 2014

    Halloween has just past and already the stores and commercials have started with Christmas. However in the United States we have a holiday set aside for Thanksgiving. This isn’t just a day to eat until you have to undo your belt and move to the sofa to watch some football. Thanksgiving is a day to […]

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  • What Did You Say?

     By  Posted on October 22, 2014

    I talk a lot. God has used it for His glory and I love to share with folks on the radio, encourage people I meet who need someone to listen to. But talking has its downsides too. In grade school I was constantly getting in trouble for talking. In 5th grade one of my favorite […]

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  • Freedom

     By  Posted on September 19, 2014

    As I was sitting at my computer the other morning wondering what to blog about, suddenly the word “freedom” popped into my head. There’s been a lot of it in the news lately… Scotland asking for freedom from England and then voting it down. Christians and Muslims alike wanting freedom from terrorists..listening to the news […]

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